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2015/08/28 Public Service Announcment

Dear users,

as you have probably realized, is currently migrating to their new website. While this shouldn't be a major issue for a website like mine that is just relying on their API, it seems that a lot of thing's are changing under the hood. For example you won't be able to include any images in your about section anymore, which my tools were mainly tailored for. Also the API internals changed (this should actually not happen for a versioned API) and my Tools stopped working because of this.

While it might be possible to actually adjust the Tools to still work after these changes, I would have to invest quite some time to do so. As I currently can't foresee where is moving to and how long the changes are going to take until the site is fully operational again, I will take the tools offline for the time being.

When their migration is over I will evaluate how much time I would have to invest to get the Tools back up again and if they are still worth being maintained. I will keep you informed on this site.

I hope you can understand why I am doing this. Thanks a lot for all your great feedback and the fun I had running this site so far.

Yours, shoxrocks